Google Adwords for Small Budgets

Adwords is too expensive?  Right?

It doesn’t have to be.

With a little understanding, and a lot of elbow grease, Google Adwords can do wonders for your business.

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Mistakes that cost you money

  1.  Not using keywords correctly
    Keywords are the search phrases or terms that your potential customer uses to look for you, or your services.  There are very particular ways in which you can ensure that your keyword doesn’t end up being stupid expensive, and still reach your audience.
  2. Not excluding search terms
    In order to make sure only the people you really want clicking on your ads see them, you need to eliminate that costly irrelevant click!
  3. Correct Location Targeting
    If you are only serving people in Okiep, why show your ads to the entire country?  Target your ads to only people who you want clicking on your ad.
  4. Website Landing Page Quality
    The Adwords system uses an algorithm to estimate an Ad Ranking score, bases on your keywords in relation to your ad, and how those two factors relate to your landing page.  Ads that talk about shoes, but lands on a page about cars, will get very poor Ad Ranking score.
  5. Ad Scheduling
    Lettting your ad run all day and night, just leaves room for bots and toddlers with an ipad, to click on your ad for no good reason. Limiting the time your ad is shown, will not only ensure your daily budget lasts longer, but also eliminates clicks of bots at 2am in the morning.
  6. Setting budgets
    Not only your monthly budgets, but daily budgets too.  If you know that on a Friday, there is more interest in your ads, make sure you have a higher budget then.  This also ensures that your ads are served evenly over the whole month, and not just for a few days until your money runs out.
  7. Not setting goals
    This might sound silly, but just having ads for the sake of it, will make you spend more money than is needed.  What is the point of the campaign?  Are you driving sales?  Gathering Leads?  Assign a value to your goal, and optimize your accounts accordingly.

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